Is it possible to create a custom plan of care?

Yes, you can define the parameters you would like to track and report upon based on your loved one’s or client’s care plan.

Is there a limit to the number of individuals members of the care team?

There is currently no limit to the number of users can be added to his or her personalized network or caregiving.

What if I am working with a home health care agency or geriatric care manager to help with my home health care needs? How do I explain Caretrails to them?

If you are working with a home care agency or geriatric care manager, we encourage you to talk with them about CareTrails– better communications among all concerned parties leads to better care in the home. By including your agency or care manager, you can work together to manage your home caregivers and utilize the information CareTrails provides to improve the health and well being of your care recipient.

What is the cost? Is there a set-up fee?

$9.99 per month for the first two care team members to sign on–then $9.99 per month for each additional care team member to join the CareTrails network.

What type of devices can CareTrails be used on?

CareTrails can be used on any Android or Apple ios compatible desktop or mobile device.


How do I know my information is secure and private?

CareTrails databases are compliant with HIPAA standards, meaning you can be assured we do everything possible to keep your healthcare information safe. Our web-based software is encrypted for your privacy.


How long does it take to install CareTrails?

It takes less than 15 minutes to get started using CareTrails. Simply register at our website and complete the registration process. We provide you a secure password protected link to the first two appropriate apps which describe your care team and you simply add the care plan for your loved one or for your client.

What electronic medical record (EMR) systems does CareTrail interface with?

Our system is programmed in HL7 language and can interface with many common EMR systems.

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